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Everything you need to know about us.

Who We Are.

We are a small group of former Record Label executives and Band members that share a passion for great music.

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Our mission is to help music fans find those out of print, rare and collectible albums and provide them with an opportunity to acquire still sealed new copies at a reasonable price.

What we Do.

We take full advantage of ours relationships in the music industry to locate and acquire CD’s and related music product to make them available to music fans worldwide. By offering products from some of the most famous bands in the world, we also hope to shine a little light on some hidden gems you may have missed.

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Featured Music CDs

Some famous, some not so famous, you decide.
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame
Michael Keirstead
The Jam Part 1: A History Map
The Jam Part 1: A History Artists Artist Map
The Jam Part 1: A History Artist Reference
The Jam Part 1: A History Purchase the Exclusive Collectors Set
The Jam Part 1: A History Dragons Den
  • Created by: Michael Keirstead
  • Completed on: Summer, 1987
  • Skills: Stiple Artist
  • Purchase: Posterogs.com

THE JAM: Part I - A History

Five (5) years it took Canadian Artist “Michael Keirstead” to create his signature masterpiece. Not to be mistaken for a poster, these are prints reproduced from the original 8 foot by 4 foot master. Reduced here to more manageable 40 by 20 inch size, they were produced using the highest quality 100 pound paper.

The original that is valued in excess of 1 million US dollars, is now safely hanging in the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Featured, are 113 of the most Influential Contemporary Musicians in history, "The Jam" follows Buddy Holly and Elvis through to Motown, Folk, the British Invasion, Heavy Metal and Rock.

Camaro on Display
Camaro on Display
Camaro and The Jam Part 1: A History Map
Camaro and The Jam Part 1: A History Map
  • Created by: Mac the Mechanic
  • Completed on: Summer, 2018
  • Skills: Automotive Technician
  • Owner/Driver Castrol Raceway

The Camaro

The Camaro is an American automobile manufactured by Chevrolet and is classified as a muscle car. It officially went on sale, September 29, 1966, for the 1967 model year and was brought to market to compete directly against Fords muscle car, the Mustang.

Where there are loud cars, it is a safe bet there will be loud music. Rock n Roll and muscle cars have always seemed to go together. There is a good chance that much of music heard blasting from neighbours’ hot rod, are the artists represented in “THE JAM”.


What do our Clients have to say?

You know your efforts are worthwhile, when people have this to say.

For serious collectors, it is next to impossible to find rare CD’s that are still sealed, thanks a bunch.

Jason Johnson F.L.B.

What do you get a hardened classic rock music collector that has everything? Then I found the THE JAM. You guys made my dad’s day.

Michael Flick HMV

Until the CD showed up at my door, I was not sure if this product would be new as listed, but for twenty dollars I would take a chance. Wow, a hard to find CD at an amazing price, thanks.

Chris Cohen Bell Media